Le Peuple de l’Herbe – Parler le fracas

feat. Marc Nammour ( La canaille )
Official music video
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English subtitled version available on youtube : youtube.com/watch?v=-uVoFn808IY

Director :
Wasaru – wasaru.com

Character design:
Jérémy Couturier (Jebedai) – whozjebedai.blogspot.fr/

David Cazeaux – dcazeaux.blogspot.fr
Nicolas Coppin – studio-freelance.com
Nicolas Dufresne – duduf.com
Jean-philippe Florin – calicobubba.com
Martin Laugero – the_figurehead176@hotmail.com
Benoit Somville – benoitsomville.fr

Script consultant:
Faouzi Boughida / Benoit Somville

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award_icon Faut qu’ça bouge – 2014 – Paris – FRANCE – Meilleur Clip Musical d’Animation
award_iconAVANCA 2014 – Avanca, PORTUGAL – Videoclip Prize
award_icon12th Annual Independent Music Awards – Online / New-York, USA – Winner / Music Video
award_icon AniFest 2013 – Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC – Best Animated Music Video Award
award_icon Chilemonos International Animation Festival 2013 – Santiago, CHILE – 1° Animated Music video International Competition
award_icon Vimeo Vimeo Staff Pick
award_icon Film skillet – Online / Santa Barbara, USA (online) – Finalist & appear on Best of Independent Animation DVD


Music Vision – Rome, ITALY


Mediu Gueyu Film Festival – Villaviciosa, SPAIN
Festival National du Film d’Animation – Rennes, FRANCE
Faut qu’ça bouge – (centre Pompidou) Paris – FRANCE
Anima São – São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL
Golden Orchid International Animation Festival – University Park (Pennsylvania), USA
Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico, Horror y Sci-fi – Tlalpujahua, MEXICO
MIST Moving Image – Freshwater Bay, UNITED KINGDOM
Muvi Lisboa – Lisbon, PORTUGAL
AVANCA 2014 – Avanca, PORTUGAL
ARS Electronica – Linz, AUSTRIA


Efebo Corto Film festival – Castelvetrano (Sicily), ITALY
Animpact – Seoul, KOREA (+ CHINA, JAPAN)
34e Festival du Film Court – Villeurbanne, FRANCE
Colchester Film Festival – Colchester, ENGLAND
Tehran International Short Film Festival 2013 – Tehran, IRAN
Séquence court-métrage – Toulouse, FRANCE
Anibar International Animation Festival – Peja, KOSOVO
Exground Filmfest – Wiesbaden, GERMANY
Festival du film d’animation pour la jeunesse – Bourg-en-Bresse, FRANCE
ArtFutura 2013 – Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lima, Madrid, Montevideo, Santiago…, WORLDWIDE
Sedicicorto IFFF – Forlì, ITALY
Supertoon – International Animation Festival – Šibenik, CROATIA
FESTANCA International Animation Festival – Bratislava, SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Corti a Ponte – Ponte San Nicolo, ITALY
Mieux vaut en rire qu’en pleurer – Choisy le Roi, FRANCE
9th International Short Film Festival Detmold – Detmold, GERMANY
Chilemonos International Animation Festival 2013 – Santiago, CHILE
ANNECY International Animation Film Festival 2013 – Annecy, FRANCE
12th Annual Independent Music Awards – Online / New-York, USA
6th International Festival EcoZine – Zaragoza, SPAIN
AniFest 2013 – Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC
Anima 2013 – Brussels, BELGIUM
Ciné-court animé – Roanne, FRANCE


Protoclip / Festival international du clip musical – Paris, FRANCE
Festival National du Film d’Animation – Rennes, FRANCE
International Short Film Festival Ciudad de Soria – Soria, SPAIN
Lueften Arts and Music Festival – Frankfurt, GERMANY
Desert Dust Cinema film festival – Lobo/Texas, USA
Festival International du Court Métrage de Lille – Lille, FRANCE
Festival internacional de animaciòn – Querétaro, MEXICO
Anim’est 2012 – Bucharest, ROMANIA
Shnit animate – Bern, SWITZERLAND
Curtas film fest – Vilagarcía de Arousa, PORTUGAL




In this video, studio Wasaru took Orwell’s Animal Farm and adapted it to a contemporary political and economical situation. We see pigs in police gear facing an animal riot of exploited industrial workers.
Pigs are the enemy, but, just like governments in our world, they are not the real head of the society. In fact behind everything there is a man who seems to be omnipotent, who symbolize all the corporations and big interests that control our world.
Technically speaking, the video is done in a very pleasant way. The vintage-movie effect gives it a flavour that reminds me of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. The animation are simple but effective, there are no crazy special effects but everything is fluid and works well in its context.
Characters are well defined too: pigs look really evil and dirty and other animals look miserable while our “Big Brother” looks like a greedy businessman who stands in a dark mysterious room where all we can see is the table with the model representing the animal city.
Summing up this is a great video, it talks about serious themes of our times without resulting superficial or obvious and it does it with an original style and an interesting visual vocabulary. Support Wasaru and Le Peuple de l’Herbe visiting their websites (www.wasaru.com, www.lepeupledelherbe.net) and liking their facebook pages (Le Peuple de l’Herbe).

Posted by Hooloovoo
October 22nd, 2012
on www.wannaplaydaily.com

While comfortably rich rap moguls make watered down statements and use expensive music video directors to tap into an anarchist image for style points, Le Peuple de L’Herbe do it with less budget and more heart.
Lyon rap group Le Peuple de L’Herbe, director Wasaru and character designer Jebedai blast a mean fireball from their collective guts, despite their low budget.
“Parler le Fracas” is more powerful than the weakly political video for “No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z and Kanye West, because Le Peuple de L’Herbe actually believe in the message they’re sending. Their violent sincerity seems effortless, and that’s why we take it more seriously.
Hip hop is huge in France, and so is liberty. Turn your attention to the heavily rap influenced film “La Haine” (“The Hate”–from the phrase “Hatred breeds hatred.”) The well lauded film gave 1995 world audiences a feel for the explosive relationship that the socially abused, disenfranchised poor citizens of the banlieues (housing projects) had with the riot police of early 90s Paris.
Then watch a few minutes of “Parler le Fracas” (“Talk about the crash”) by Le Peuple de l’Herbe (The People of the Herb) and you’ll see that the rage of the working class is still present. A few of France’s most talented, impassioned artists went into this entertainingly rebellious statement. Meanwhile, if you’ve been watching any world news, you’ll agree that 2012′s climate of unrest is strangely ready for the kind of uprising caricatured here.
Don’t mistake this video for creative fluff. History’s biggest movements were started with political cartoons and propaganda illustrations. The ideas in “le Fracas” come from an infuriation with government authority and its nature to systematically abuse its power. And if we’ve learned anything from Paris’ history of riots and revolt, we should know that the French are always ready for revolution.
Enjoy the gore.

Posted by Seanhive
May 31st, 2012
on www.beekeepersinc.com